At Develoop Software, we provide our development services to different types of companies in various industrial sectors. To make this possible we have our own multidisciplinary team of developers. We cover a wide range of technologies which are currently used to develop 80% of all software and business applications. This enables us to ensure that we can support your current structure or the one you wish to migrate to.

Among others, we have personnel who are experienced in the following programming languages and frameworks.

Development technologies, programming languages and frameworks

AngularJS, React JS, Swift, Kotlin, Python, c#, c++, PHP, Java, ORM, GIT, Docker.

AngularReact kotlinPython

C Sharpcplusplusjava iconDockerGit

Symfony, Laravel, Flutter, Ionic, React Native.


Development platforms and architectures or open-source solutions

Domain-Driven Design, MVC, MVP, Distributed Architectures

Magento, PrestaShop, WordPress, Oddo